About VizSeek Company Accounts

VizSeek is a cloud solution for visual search. Companies can use VizSeek’s visual search for their own products or 3D models by subscribing to VizSeek and uploading their product or design data. Some examples of how they might use the visual search are:

  • For e-commerce: Companies can upload their product catalogs to VizSeek to make them searchable with just a photo
  • For customer service: Companies can upload their product or design data to VizSeek and their customer service personnel can search with photos or drawings sent by customers.
  • For design reuse: Companies can upload their 3D models or 2D drawings and then engineering or sales can search for similar designs for re-use or quoting purposes.

We make the visual search available in one package:

  • Get your own private, dedicated site on VizSeek where you can search your products or designs, or use our APIs to put visual search on your own website or mobile app.
We give you the option to choose which VizSeek algorithm best fits your files. By default, your files will use the our base algorithm. These are special algorithms that can be used if your files fit into a specific case:
  • 2D objects (for example, tiles, paintings, fabric, stamps).
  • Cylindrical with a unique feature on one end. Choose this if your files are cylinders that 1.) are in line with one of the axes, 2.) are longer than the diameter, and 3.) have a unique feature at one end of the cylinder.
  • Cylindrical with a unique feature on both ends. Choose this if yor files are cylinders that 1.) are in line with one of the axes, 2.) are longer than the diameter, and 3.) have a unique feature at both ends of the cylinder.

Signing up

The easiest way to get started is to request a demo and talk about what visual search can do for you!

Uploading files

From VizSeek.com, sign in and click the Add files link at the top of the screen. You’ll be taken to a page where you can upload files. If need to add a large number of files, you can download our desktop app for easy uploading and syncing of files and folders.


Once you upload your files, the indexing process will begin immediately. How long it will take depends on the file type. Images index more quickly than 3D models. Once the files are indexed, you’ll start to see them when you search in your company’s search page.


With a VizSeek subscription, you get a company search page where your files can be searched or browsed.

When you sign in to VizSeek.com, you’ll be taken first to your company’s search page. Or from other pages, click the Go to [Your Company Name] link in the upper right of the VizSeek page.

Click the browse files link to view all your files.

Inviting Others

When you’re signed in, there’s an invite icon in the upper right corner of the page. Use this to add others to your company.

Once the invitee accepts the invitation, they will be able use VizSeek to upload files and search files as well. Your invited colleague’s files will be saved in your company, and both of you will be able to search the combined files.

Removing People from your Company Account

You can remove your invited users. When you remove them, they’ll no longer be able to log in to your company account and upload or edit files.

To remove a person from your company, sign in to VizSeek and click the user icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Click the link to open your company profile.

Below the list of users, click Manage Users.

In the Manage Users page, select the user or users you want to remove and click Edit Selected Members. Then you can click the Delete button for each user.