Installing and Setting Up the VizSeek Desktop App

Get the latest version of the VizSeek Desktop App here: VizSeek App Download Page

You must agree to the end user license agreement before you can download and install the desktop app.

Signing in for the first time

Use the same sign-in information that you use when you log into VizSeek on the web. Enter your email address and password and click Sign In .

After signing in, you’ll be taken to the Settings page.

Once you click Save in the Settings page, you’ll be taken to the Home page where you can add the files and folders that you want to add to your VizSeek account.



Check the Folders contain multiple images of the same SKU option if each subfolder should be treated as a single SKU. If unchecked, each individual file will be treated as a separate SKU.

Choose file types to upload

Place checkmarks by all the file types that you want to upload from your folders. All the types are selected by default. Remove the checkmarks if there are any types you want to ignore when you upload or sync.

Changes saved to the selected file types are reflected the next time the resource is synced with the VizSeek server. For instance, if the .jpg extension is selected and saved, then during the next sync, all .jpg extension files in the specified folder, will sync with the VizSeek server. Conversely, if the .jpg extension is unselected and saved, those resources with the .jpg extension will be removed from the VizSeek server.